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The 5 stations

Kids beginner – In 5 steps from the basics to mountain explorations

For our youngest guests we have created the largest learning area on Hochbrixen. This gives us plenty of space, tranquillity and safety to do the first steps on skis.  Our certified, professional and regularly trained kids ski instructors take care of our young ski stars and make sure that the ski lessons are an unforgettable experience. Let’s go skiing!

Station 1: The small belt conveyer


Here, the first contact between our kids and the unknown ski equipment happens. This area is secured and almost flat and therefore perfect to playfully learn the first movements for the snow blow.


Station 2: The big belt conveyer


Once the snow blow works well and our young ski enthusiasts are able to stop with full control by themselves, we continue the journey on our big conveyer belt. With child-friendly methods and movement exercises we practice the snow blow on a slight slope till perfection. Cones, ropes, arcs and many other practice tools are used to facilitate a smooth learning process of new skills. That’s a real adventure for our AktivKids.


We have sparked the fire for skiing and bright children’s eyes are looking at us. We want more! Practicing our first curves, overcoming tricky obstacles and skiing pre-set slalom courses are now on the agenda. Our kids are gaining more and more confidence and so we switch to the steeper slope next to the big belt conveyer. Look at this – our technique works here as well and we are going full steam ahead.


Station 3: The rope lift


When are we going to the rope lift? Our certified kids ski instructors explain and demonstrate how to use the rope lift properly and how to do on a real slope. Excited we arrive at the top of the rope lift and can’t wait for our first ride down. In little curves we are cruising down a gentle slope our very first time. That’s real fun!


Station 4: The platter lift


After a couple of successful runs at the rope lift we are ready for the next challenge. Let’s get out of the practice area and into the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental. Our AktivKids get a cool Ski School Aktiv shirt and our ski instructors explain the code of conduct in the open ski area. We go on the platter lift and up the hill. Everybody arrives at the top with a big smile and is looking forward to skiing our first real blue slope. With the confidence gained from the successful lift ride also the ride down becomes a pleasure. Proud and smiling we arrive at the station and are pumped for more runs. We want more! We want to ski!


Station 5: The chair lift


Let’s go to the top of the mountain Zinsberg with the famous Bubble Express chair lift. While queuing up we get in contact with grown-ups and ask them to accompany our AktivKids on the lift. That’s the way we make sure that our little ones don’t have to sit on the lift by themselves. Arriving at the top we form a line and go downhill behind our experienced ski instructor who knows to choose the right speed and curve size.

With every run down from the Zinsberg we improve our technique and gain control and confidence. By skiing challenging and fun trails through the woods we develop our balance and by the right selection of exercises we playfully work towards the ideal technique. We are proud of you! From now on our AktivKids are unstoppable and are ready to conquer the Skiwelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental!

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